11 Supplements That Can Boost Your Energy Levels This Winter

October 6
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With winter on the way, energy levels are bound to decrease. Less time outside in the sunshine and warm weather can make even the healthiest person feel as though they need an afternoon nap. But even if your energy levels take a hit because of seasonal changes, there are ways to improve them.

The body relies heavily on different processes to stay balanced. Everything from the immune system to organ function can have detrimental effects on energy levels. The energy metabolism is one of those systems that needs a constant flow of the right things to operate at its best. Getting the proper amount of restful sleep, exercise, hydration, vitamins and nutrients can all make a huge difference when battling dips in energy this winter – and so can supplements that boost energy levels.

What is the energy metabolism?

When the food you consume is digested, the body breaks it down to single out certain nutrients. It sends these where they need to go and converts them into energy. The chemical reactions that are undergone to transform food to energy exist in a cycle, which needs to be steady to be ideal.

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Image by Brooke Lark on Unsplash: How can I boost my energy level in the winter? As well as eating a nutritious, balanced diet, you can add some supplements to your routine.

What is the best vitamin to take in winter?

The body goes through many changes with the seasons. For example, for people in areas where the weather grows cold, their brain signals their body to begin storing more fat for the winter as an evolutionary response to having less food. This circannual rhythm can lead to increased levels of metabolic syndrome, leaving people with lower levels of energy and feelings of chronic fatigue. 

To battle the effects of seasonal changes, supplements can help. The best vitamins to take in the winter to help keep energy levels up include:

Vitamin D

Since there is less sun and it can be harder to spend time outdoors, many people suffer from lowered levels of vitamin D during the winter months. This seemingly unavoidable deficiency can be managed with a higher intake of the vitamin.

Vitamin C

Flu season often begins in the fall and goes well into winter. When the risk of coming down with the illness increases, energy levels could be compromised when the immune system is working harder to keep you healthy. Vitamin C can assist immunity, thus helping to keep energy levels where they should be.


Both iron and energy metabolism are directly related to respiratory health. Iron is needed to help transport oxygen throughout the body. If oxygen levels are depleted because of low levels of iron, fatigue will take over.

Supplements that boost energy levels

Battling chronic fatigue can be difficult, especially in the winter months. But there are quite a few supplements that can be taken regularly to help keep up energy levels when they feel depleted. These include:


Considered a medicinal herb in Ayurveda medicine, ashwagandha has been shown to solidify resilience throughout the body when under bouts of great mental or physical stress. The stress caused by seasonal changes can be curbed with the use of this supplement, thus increasing energy levels.

Coenzyme Q10

The body uses CoQ10 to protect against oxidative damage. If there isn’t enough of this nutrient available, energy levels will suffer due to lessened availability of much-needed oxygen.

Vitamin B12

Although seasonal changes may not contribute to lower levels of B12, not having enough can often lead to worsened symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD can lead to fatigue, so supplementation with B12 could combat this.


Creatine has a direct effect on the body’s energy levels because it gives phosphate to the adenosine triphosphate molecule. The ADP provides energy to cells, so if it is without the necessary phosphate, energy levels can suffer.

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Image by Ben White on Unsplash: What vitamins can I take to increase my energy levels in the winter?

Vital RX Energy Box

Vital RX has created a number of different subscription boxes with supplements designed to keep you healthy all year round. The Immune Subscription Box is full of immune-boosting ingredients to help battle seasonal flu and cold, while the Energy Box can help keep your stamina up even on the coldest, darkest days. Here are some of the supplements contained in these boxes:

MIC Combo Blend

Generally used in fat loss, lipotropic injections can help promote overall fat loss in the body when used in conjunction with diet and exercise. The use of this supplement in the Energy Box is to help people get to a healthy weight, which improves energy levels.


Synapsin are proteins. They are in their highest amounts within the nervous system and have a direct effect on cell metabolism regulation. Synapsin work with the ATP to help keep energy levels where they’re supposed to be.


The sex hormone DHEA is commonly known as the “youth hormone”. It boosts bone strength and can help increase memory function and bone health.


To help support bone density, lean body mass, and increased muscle mass, the peptide MK677 is included in the Energy Box. It has shown to be effective in reducing overall body weight, which can lead to better energy expenditure.

The aforementioned supplements can assist in keeping everything running as it should so that you can stay energized through the winter months. Vitamins for fatigue tend to contribute to a variety of other processes within the body, so it’s often a win-win to add these into your routine.

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