5 Ways To Enhance Your Natural Immunity

September 15
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Your immune system is your first line of defense against pathogens and other threats to your health. During fetal development, the immune system starts to mature, with B series lymphocytes being present in the liver by nine weeks. Following birth, both the innate (against non-self-pathogens) and adaptive (immunity that develops over time) immune systems need time to progress to the full level of protection. By the time a person reaches eight or nine years old, they will have a good indication of how well it works to battle illness.  

Having a functional immune system is vital to staying healthy throughout one’s life, but it can be compromised by certain factors such as poor diet, lack of exercise, inadequate sleep, and the contraction of certain diseases. When one catches an illness, that’s where natural immunity comes into play. Knowing how to support your immune system naturally is a great step on the road to a healthier you.

What is natural immunity?

The process of natural immunity can only occur once a person has contracted a certain pathogen. The immune system targets a threat and creates antibodies to battle against the specific disease cells in an attempt to rid the body of them, and to be ready if it happens to show up again in the future. The specialized antibodies will then be present with only one job to do: recognize and protect against the specific illness they were created for.

For example, a chicken pox infection relies heavily on natural immunity. That is why it’s unlikely for a person to develop the disease twice, even if the virus infiltrates the body more than once. The antibodies are in wait to ensure that it doesn’t make you sick a second time.

How can I increase my immunity naturally?

There are many ways to help increase the function of the immune system to help protect against certain diseases and illnesses. Although immune systems develop based on exposure to pathogens, natural immunity protection, and the environment in which they were developed, they are not always stuck functioning at the same level throughout one’s life.  


Adequate sleep is important for all aspects of life. Giving the brain time to rest, reset, and process activities is important to cognitive function, memory, and the clearing out of toxins that may have built up over the previous day. It’s not just the brain that requires sleep – studies have shown that every process and part of the body relies on shutting down for the night to help reinvigorate it so it can run properly the following day. Being without adequate quality sleep can lead to cognitive decline, increased risk of heart disease, and high blood pressure.

When it comes to the immune system, sleep plays a direct role in the production and function of T-cells and cytokines. One study has suggested that during sleep, the body extravasates immune cells throughout the body to help give the immune function a better chance at responding to pathogens. It can also help with immunological memory, which gives antibodies the ability to recall certain threats and fight them accordingly. 


The act of mentally training your body to respond to certain experiences can lead to a decreased level of anxiety, but some studies suggest that it can also help with immunity. It has been found that meditation can lend a helping hand when it comes to lessening inflammation that may be detrimental to immune function; slowing the process of aging, which affects how the immune system functions; and activating T-cells.

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Image by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash: Want to know how to enhance your immunity naturally? Reevaluate your food choices.

Nutrition and hydration

Nutrition and hydration are both key elements when it comes to healthy living. Giving the body the proper amount of nutrients, vitamins, and water is a vital component in ensuring that all systems are running at their best.

When it comes to immunity, nutrition and hydration can have a huge impact. Many foods can help boost the process of fighting against pathogens because they improve the activation of pathogen-fighting cells. No one nutrient can lead to the improved function of the immune system, but a varied diet full of vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, selenium, iron, amino acids and protein can help prepare cells for battle and curb inflammation that may make it harder for your immune system to respond to a threat.


Regular exercise is an important part of immunity because it can help improve cardiovascular function and increase circulation throughout the body. When circulation is improved, cells are able to travel freely at a much higher rate. This, in turn, leads to their advanced ability to be where they need to be when fighting off infection and disease.

There have been many studies on the effects of exercise and the immune system. One in particular found that acute and regular exercise could have a direct impact on the body’s immunosurveillance response, along with its ability to improve the microbiota, which in turn positively impacts the body’s immune response.

Social interaction

It might not appear to have a huge impact on health, but studies have shown that social interaction can lead to improved levels of mental wellbeing. Not only that, but spending time with loved ones can also improve the immune system by reducing stress levels within the body, thus helping to regulate immune response.

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Image by Jude Beck on Unsplash: Spending time with the ones you love most is one of the tricks for how to naturally boost your immunity.

Supplements and peptide therapy

It can be difficult to get all the required vitamins and minerals through diet alone, and that’s where supplements come in. Since immunity relies on what a person feeds their body, supplementation is required for those who do not get enough on a daily basis. Peptide therapy can also be a good assistant for immunity because it can encourage the development of T-cells.

Vital RX has developed an immune-boosting subscription box that contains an assorted group of peptides and supplements to help keep your immune system running optimally all winter long. The Vitamin D3 promotes the absorption of vital nutrients calcium and phosphorous, and the gluten-free multivitamin acts as your everyday vitamin.

The box also has CJC, a powerful amino acid peptide designed to assist the body in protein synthesis by improving sleep, lessening injury recovery time, and boosting energy levels. Also included is the immune modulator peptide Thymosin Alpha, which leads to a heightened immune function, less overall fatigue, and protection against oxidative damage.

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