Health Supplement Subscription Boxes: The New Normal In Health Care

September 29
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With the soaring costs of health care and the current pandemic crisis, many Americans are looking at new ways to approach health. Spending thousands on insurance (or not being able to afford insurance in the first place) has put a strain on many people, and that extra stress does more harm than good when it comes to operating at optimal health on a day-to-day basis.

The rise of more specific forms of testing to more accurately pinpoint ailments that could likely pop up in the future has led to an increased demand for health supplement subscription boxes. When people are aware of their genetic predisposition, what vitamins and nutrients they’re lacking, and what they can do to boost their health, they are empowered with more health care options than ever.

Do health supplements actually work?

The body needs certain vitamins and nutrients to thrive. Since it is symbiotic in nature, every system needs to be in proper functioning order for the others to do their respective jobs. If one part of the body begins to suffer and break down, others are sure to follow shortly after. Nowadays, though, things like poor diet, high levels of pollutants in the air, and unhealthy lifestyles contribute to the worsening of the health of Americans as a whole.

Health supplementation is a way to help avoid the breakdown of bodily processes before they happen. Taking a daily vitamin has been a popular way to get all the nutrients needed to sustain healthy living. Taking the proper supplements not only works, but can be a driver in overall health if done so methodically. This means knowing when to take supplements, how much, and for how long.

Vital RX - DNA
Image by Lion Five on Pixabay: DNA markers are now being widely used to help determine chronic illness risk factors more specifically.

Genetic and environmental factors

In the past, it was difficult to predict certain diseases if you weren’t already participating in risk factor behavior. Smokers, for example, knew they were more susceptible to heart disease and lung cancer – but that doesn’t account for the genetic aspect of disease development. Today, there are many test from infancy through to adulthood that can determine whether a person is more likely to develop a disease later on in life.

Another factor that hasn’t been utilized in the past prevention of disease is nutrient density. Holistic medicine focuses largely on nutrition and natural treatments for disease. Understanding that the food you consume is a big contributor to how your body functions is not a new idea, but it has been garnering more attention due to the rise in the healthy lifestyle movement. 

How do health supplement subscription boxes work?

Subscription boxes of all kinds are unique, often personalized shopping experiences. They tend to come with at least one questionnaire regarding personal selection and taste so that the products a customers receives are tailored to them. The same model has been used for health supplement subscription boxes.

During the initial sign-up, you will likely be asked to provide details into your health and medical history so that the company can have a better idea of what will help your ailments. Some companies have even gone the extra mile to provide consumers with the opportunity to personalize using DNA and blood type for a more effective health box.

How to use supplement subscription boxes

Some studies have found that the use of multivitamins isn’t helpful in the long run, but many health care professionals see the positive effects of specific dietary supplements in patients who suffer from chronic disease. For example, a person suffering from Lyme disease may be low in many vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D and magnesium. Therefore, supplementation of these necessary nutrients is vital in recovery.

In the case of those who do not have a chronic disease, vitamin deficiencies are still possible and even common. This is where the best supplement subscription boxes for health come into play. They are strategically designed to address specific health ailments and deficiencies so that people can regain control of their health. 

Vital RX - vitamin D sunshine
Image by Silviarita on Pixabay: Vitamin D, otherwise known as the sunshine vitamin, is a common deficiency that can lead to chronic health issues if not addressed.

How much do supplement subscription boxes cost?

The cost for a supplement subscription box will likely range widely across different brands, types, quality of ingredients used, and length and frequency of the subscription. Vital RX uses high-quality ingredients curated by a team of health care professionals to deliver the products and nutritional supplements most likely to make a change towards optimal health.

Vital RX’s available boxes vary depending on need. The immune health box has been popular because of the approaching winter months, as well as the need for stronger immune systems to battle a potential COVID-19 infection, whereas the detox box helps the body in its natural detoxification process so that if pollutants do happen to build up, they can be eliminated with ease. Each Vital RX box comes with a price tag of $595.00.

The trend is likely here to stay

Preventive medicine is making its way into traditional health care, and with it comes more demand for ways to prevent disease and chronic illness as opposed to solely seeking cures. When it comes to preventive medicine, health supplement subscription boxes could be a helpful tool to keep up with one’s health and prevent deficiency, disease, or a drop in quality of physical or mental health.

With the rise in popularity of all types of subscription boxes, it’s likely that those dedicated directly to health will continue gaining steam in the coming years. After all, it’s better to avoid getting sick than it is to be nursed back to health.

Featured image by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash